Posted on: January 5, 2009 10:33 am


Boy oh boy, what a whirlwind. The fall out from this upset has been shaking the foundation of College Football, namely the SEC. I have never in my life witnessed the division of a fan base like this one. Can someone please explain to me where the insecurity issues within the various SEC programs comes from? I am in awe at how many fans from different programs are weighing in on all of these message boards, and how many SEC fans are sticking up for Bama, while just as many talk about how Bama is overated. Look, Utah is thrilled with the attention that ya'all are giving them. You can argue all you want that Utah wouldn't stand a chance against Florida, Oklahoma or USC, but seeing as how they will never play, it is and always will be speculation. The fact of the matter, though, is that if these fans that degrade Utah weren't worried, they wouldn't even aknowledge all of the redderick. Just the act of getting on a message board and claiming Utah is a lesser program than any other, screams insecurity. The best revenge is living well! That means walk it off, accept the disappointment, congratulate the foe, stop making excuses and look forward to days, months and years ahead. These storied programs need not to lower what we think of them by cheapening their image with tales of disinterest, unpreparedness and a multitude of other EXCUSES! Congratulations to Alabama on a great season, you have many years more of success ahead. As for Utah, simply amazing. Never has the buzz filled the ears of so many, never has the opportunity been so great. Here's to the emergence of a great program, and another run to success.

Go Utes!!!

Posted on: January 2, 2009 4:23 pm

Sugar Bowl......To be or not to be.

Shhhhhhhhhhh! Can you hear that? It's the nervous chattering of the Bama fan's teeth. Whether they win or lose today, they are nervous none the less. I heard a reporter talking about covering a prominent coach from a prominent team. He said he made light of a AA opponent, tyring to get the coach to look ahead to next weeks big game. The coach responded by saying "You don't think this game is important? Just let us lose it, and then see what happens." It is that which looms heavy over the head of every big program and the fanbase that supports them. I spend a fair amount of time defending the non-BCS teams on the message boards, and am constantly amazed at how much prequalifying for a loss goes on with the big teams and the media that covers them. Colin Cowherd railed against non-BCS teams on his radio show, citing the Sugar Bowl as evidence as to why the mid-major conference teams had no buisness playing in a BCS game, all before the game has even been played. Then he puts in his built in excuse that any team can beat any team if the better team is looking past, distracted or just simply doesn't want to be there. Where should we start poking holes in his argument? Short answer is no where! I will not even begin to aknowledge the idiocy behind his statements. Why, oh why can't we just have objective conversation dicussing the game? Why must we always denegrate to the pre-school mentality of name calling? Let's watch these teams for what they are.....Utah: An over-achieving, under funded and blue collard program, who is located smack dab in the middle of a stringent community of the LDS faith. BYU has the obvious recruiting edge locally. They have a home grown head coach and reside in the Mountain West Conference with a television contract from hell. Alabama: A storied program, in a storied conference. Over funded and sporting a head coach from a rival program. Television contract is bountiful as is the recruiting base, and should by all accounts have no problem what so ever with a mid-major program. Now taking all that into account.......LET THE GAME BEGIN!

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